Activities that position us
Islets of progressivity is a project-initiative of the NGO «Progresylni», which provides for the initiation and development of cooperation with educational institutions in Ukraine and abroad.
Proftech is a new area of activity of the NGO «Progresylni», which is aimed at the support, operation and development of high-quality professional and technical education and cooperation with teachers and masters of vocational technical institutions.
The information campaign by the NGO «Progresylni» is aimed at immediate compensation for the damages caused to Ukraine as a result of armed aggression due to the confiscation of Russian assets located around the world.
A series of online events from the NGO «Progresylni» on professional development "Progressive teaching: components of the quality system of higher education". Among the invited speakers were representatives of the NPP of Higher Education of Ukraine, experts in the field of education, external stakeholders - representatives of employers, recruiting agencies.
Rectory / Democratization of higher education institutions
The NGO «Progresylni» observed the elections of rectors in a number of Ukrainian higher education institutions. In Taras Shevchenko KNU, NU "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" and NU "Zaporizka Polytechnic" in 2020 and in the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 2021.
Training for teachers
We train teachers to use interactive tools and new approaches in coaching activities.
This is an opportunity to become a trainer who not only shares knowledge, but also knows how to hold any audience.