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Team activist's Progresylni
Who we are?

"Progresylni" – is a progressive Ukrainian community of representatives of an active public society, involved in the educational process, who share common values in the implementation of qualitative changes in education and science, the realization of their rights, freedoms and interests, ensuring the integration of education, science and practice, increasing the prestige of educational profession, recognition its role in the further progress and reconstruction of Ukraine.
Our goal

Is the formation of the largest educational community, which would make a noticeable impact on the educational sphere and provide the constant training of teachers
How we differ from the others?

In contrast to conservative and reactionary groups, progressive community "Progresylni" are aimed at the progressive development of education as a component of general social progress, solving the problems of education that are of high concern of the public, in order to create an educated, strong, independent, internationally competitive Ukraine, which is able to demonstrate significant achievements in all spheres of social life (economy, politics, social and spiritual and cultural spheres) with the help of science and educational technologies:

Taking into account globalization and great competition, education must be able to quickly adapt, show progress and meet the latest changes. We believe in intelligence, progress of Ukraine which will be created by educated people.

Successful modern education is the key to rebuilding and creating a successful country.

For this reason, the "Progresylni" have united a community of active public, those who are participating in the educational process. Together we are the force!
Our values

  • Freedom and equality
  • Justice and solidarity
  • Mindfulness and intelligence
  • Professionalism
  • Patriotism
  • Social partnership
  • Progressive Ukraine
Our principles

  • Freedom
  • Equality
  • Justice
  • Solidarity
  • Professionalism
  • Patriotism
  • Democracy
  • Openness
  • Social partnership
Main spheres of our activity

  1. Implementation and protection of the rights, freedoms, legitimate interests of all participants in the educational process.
  2. Competitiveness, prestige of education and science. Increasing the competitiveness and prestige of the national system of education. And science.
  3. Increasing the prestige of the role of educators and scientists and fair payment according to the European standards. Social protection of the workers in this industry.
  4. State`s attention to the issues concerning education and science. Increasing of the state support for progressive development of education and science, determination of modern priorities and goals, increase of the budget funding and expansion of budget credit for education and scientific development.
  5. The newest methodical and didactic forms. Permanent search, development and implementation of the latest methods, interactive forms in education that correspond to modern transformations in Ukraine and in the world.
  6. Modern competences. Formation of modern competences for scientists, educators, students on the different educational levels.
  7. Adopting a Progressive Strategy for the development of education and science. Developing, lobbing ad implementation of a progressive Strategy for the development of national education and science in post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.
  8. Competitiveness of graduates. Increasing the competitiveness of graduates of domestic institutions of higher education, promoting their employment.
  9. Progressive development of all levels of education. Activation of work to form ab updated system of professional and technical, professional pre-higher and higher education, which is able to meet the needs of the market for the development of Ukraine.
  10. Strategy of progressive changes in Ukraine. Development, expert support and implementation of a scientifically based Strategy for Progressive Changes in Ukraine as a national reference point for post-war reconstruction of the country.
  11. International educational dialogue. Activation of international educational dialogue. Activation of international educational dialogue, International support of domestic education and science.
  12. Cooperation between science and business. Promotion a social partnership, a dialogue between science, government and business for the creation of a renewed education system and a renewed Ukraine; optimization of relations between the state, stakeholders, educational and scientific institutions.
Our perspectives (activities):

1 model (first stage): «club» format – "Progresylni" are developing in the format of a club, where the activities and internal communication takes place according to the common interests. This format we are currently observing. There are minimal risks and minimal effect. We can observe the problem of attracting the resource base (finances).

2 model (second stage): «trade union» format – "Progresylni" can scale up and turn into an alternative independent educational trade union with a centre and an extensive system in the regions, which will allow to increase external influence and attract a resource base.

3 model (third stage): «social movement» format – during the implementation of the second model, "Progresylni" can develop into a broad educational social movement with maximum with maximum external influence and the involvement of a resource base for the implementation of statutory activities and national progressive transformations.
"Progresylni" is more than a public organization, apart from its members it unites the educational community, interested in its events people, therefore it develops its activities at various levels.
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