Barbara Oakley about the education and learning in Ukraine

'Learning during the difficult times strengthens the spirit and makes focus on development and perspectives more that on difficulties', Barbara Oakley, Professor of Oakland University, researcher and the author of the famous course on learning on Coursera said during the meeting with Progresylni.

We invite you to learn from Barbara.
Tatyana Daliavska
an activist of the Progressylni team
1. Barbara, what do you think about the technics of the overcoming the psychological crisis, are they effective?

Ukraine is an extraordinary country. You should be based on the scientific approach in every decision you make. After you concentrate on the priorities for your country the future will be clearer. This priorities will help people and will help education.
We should keep an optimistic spirit of the people even during the war.
This will help Ukraine to move towards the better future.
You have enough lecturers and teachers that use new methodology, but the most important in education is a quality of knowledge. The knowledge you previously had is the basis, you can not ignore it, but the new knowledge also should be used. Use everything that can develop you, use different platforms, different databases. Applying new approaches in teaching and new knowledge will help ukrainian education to be progressive.

2. Distance learning – is it a challenge or a possibility?

An eye to eye contact is the beloved way of teaching among the lecturers. Some of the teachers are not delighted with the idea of teaching on distance. Sometimes even the best lecturers can not transfer their teaching skills and apply them online. It happens because they don't know how to teach and which methods to use.

Meanwhile, it is known that every education system must be flexible. A good educational system is the one that can cope with different challenges, even such as pandemic and crisis.

3. How to encourage students to be interested in science?

This is a very simple question – only giving them the good quality of the material and profound knowledge, and certainly not playing with them.
4. What should be done know in order not to lose the children from the occupied territories?

In order to support these children we have to understand their needs and to help them in every possible way. To support them and not to prohibit. You should not prohibit them to become a part of the education system established on the occupied territories, but you should show them the good examples of the ukraininan education.
5. How we can motivate students to learn?

It`s just your enthusiasm that can motivate and encourage students, get them interested in the process of learning. Nothing else.
The interview was prepared based on the Q&A session during the webinar "Effective methods of teaching during the war" from Barbara Oakley to Progresylni.
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